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31-11-00 A number of aesthetic changes have been made, especially with the low (640480) screen resolution of over half of the site's viewers in mind. Low res people should now have less problems, for example, seeing the entire sidebar. Hope you like it.

I have also changed the email address for response to this site due to spam. It will be interesting to see how much spam follows. The new address, for all further feedback, is donvale99@yahoo.com.

Note: I've since reverted to the old dcc1999@hotmail.com for ease of use.


In fact, the graphical stuff is non-functional enough at the moment for me to make it a "special feature" (disable it). To see the special new not quite working sidebar, here is a link to toggle between the new and the old sidebars. Hover the mouse over a button for a couple of seconds. And hold it pressed for a couple of seconds, too - cool, aint it? If slow. And it must work and look cool if you have cable, so if you do, click the link.

And I've finally made this update. Nothing special. Technical stuff. In case you're interested, I am learning HTML and Javascript as I write this, so it's well formatted and easy to understand for anybody who wants to learn. I believe my design is ok as well.


New look website with cool-looking buttons and stuff in the sidebar. It's my first try at the graphical stuff, I know it can be a lot better (its not working that well yet), and I might do a new version sometime.


I guess it's pretty much determined now who is coming to the dinner thing. See you there, or not. In the meantime (before anything interesting, really, I'm sure), there's always exams, and I'm running out of profound and amusing things to put on this site, so.......

Input is welcome but not expected. Bless you all until we next communicate.

Oh, last thing, I have already set up the system for storing the Contact List. If anyone can send me the contents of the archive, I will send them a prize. And not store the Contact List there.

THIS JUST IN: DCC Past Students Dinner!                                                                                Read what you probably already know on the news page!                                                                                See how many others of us are coming!

Yay! A 12-month reunion! And it's not organised by us!

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Donvale Christian College has invited past students (and their partners) to a dinner. It will be held at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 21 November 2000, at Alfred's Homestead, cnr Harding and Warrandyte Roads, Warrandyte South. Cost is $30 per head and dress is smart casual.

Everyone is coming, so see you there! Seriously! OK, click here to find out who is coming so far.

And don't forget to RSVP ASAP, or at least by 25 October.


I want to put the Contact List available for download from the site. I have developed a security system which I believe is adequate. But I won't unless someone thinks it would be a good idea. Check out details on the Contact List page.


Added front-end screen. Changed background from navy to green. Added background pic and animated gif heading.


"Kill music" gunshot sound effect added.


Slideshow link now stops music. Hyperlink to Geocities added.


Minor update: added separate music frame, formatted the slideshow page's sizing.


New links page and a couple more pictures. I have a feeling some more people might look at the site soon, then I will talk about an IRC meeting.

Dodgy Netscape should no longer even try to use my style sheet. But I haven't tested it.


I have touched up the site generally, and made another failed attempt at compatibilising it with Netscape. That's all for now. You can email me midis or suggestions.

Jason's new slideshow 31-8-00

A slide show made by Jason and some formal photos are now available on the pics page.

And JavaScript has finally arrived, albeit in limited form -- running background music.

The message board is the best thing I could think of for communication, apart from instant messengers like ICQ (and MSN) (make sure you let me know when you connect to either of these so it can go on the Contact List). But we could have an IRC channel if people thought that would be worthwhile and there was a time or times people could get online and meet together. Email me or post your thoughts on the message board.


The site is still pretty boring, sorry, but there are a couple more developments in the wind, largely aesthetic, and developed by ... well, I'll credit them when they arrive, but it will mean that I don't have to put up more stupid stock pictures. :- )

I will be away for the weekend (youth leaders' retreat), so this stuff will not appear until Monday. Keep telling your friends to sign up for the Contact List.

Also, I do apologise if the site looks horrible in Netscape, but I am working on this problem. Javascript will soon come to the page to fix stuff like that.

Windows 98 is shutting down.


As well as adding some pics, I have changed the format of the site, using frames, emphasizing expandability. That means we're going to have to get some more content, apart from the pics, onto this thing.

As soon as I can get it secure, I will put the Contact List here for download, too. Does anybody have a good canned solution for this, or a better way of distributing it? I am assuming that a password-protected ZIP or RAR file is not sufficiently secure for you all.

By the way, the pic to the right is there because there are not enough pictures on this site, and that one there is big and colourful and quick to load because it is stored on your local hard drive, or else you can't see it.


Welcome to the Donvale Class of 99 Homepage. Its purpose is simply to facilitate communication between members of said class.

It is new. "Under development" would be an understatement, so if you have suggestions as to how this page might look or what it might contain, please email me.

All that is really here at the moment is a pov HTML skeleton and a half-finished Contact List (email me to request it, or fill in this form if you're not on it yet), and a message board where you can write a message to the people you havent seen for nearly a year.

For those who aren't bored yet, coming soon to this page will be: frames (not enough material yet to warrant 2 of them), maybe some pics, and... all the other cool stuff you're going to email me about.